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a pretty view from the laboratory, my holy department building. #adesperateresearchstudent #hailthevictorioustears

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GDYB for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine March Issue

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Very Thankful

So, today I finally did my research proposal seminar. Well, it was exactly yesterday, I mean at the Feb 19th, 09.00 AM. I kind of get my insomnia back last night and I nearly cried like a hopeless impala because no way in hell I could get up early from my comfy bed.

Thanks God for creating the adrenaline hormone, because it keep you in a great warned state. I mean, my heart beat was extremely fast and I wake up really early in the morning. The seminar went softly, with a lot of my broken grammar here and there. I feel sorry to all of the attendances, because they have to hear such a grievous presentation. Hehehehe. I will work it out next time. Thanks a lot for coming.

Ah, so today I get a question at my seminar.

"How far is this research will be applied to the society?"

/I was a dumbfoundead chick lol/

This is what I’m currently working on. You know? We youngster, trying to connect the dots of the complicated human resource development in our country? Well it won’t go soft nor fast, we’ll walk with a steady pace and keeping up all the value in the core of this project. I’m expecting a lot of interesting work about this. Very happy that I’ve given the chance by the coordinator to be a part of this.

Whoop! It will require a lot of hard works and of course, there’s no way you can do it without passion and  commitment.

This is one of the biggest thing this year for me, beside my thesis research and all its stuff, you know to get my 1st stage in Univ. done. No easy work, everyone works really hard at this point.

So, I’m happy and my body is ready for ‘Inovasia’ :D

'Inovasi untuk Indonesia'

Fighting for everyone of you who get to read this. Don’t let your guard down :)

So much love from me 

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Stupid things Seunghoon said in Winner TV - 2/5

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